Wednesday 8 July 2020
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Tiny Travel Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

Having the latest technology at your fingertips doesn’t have to mean weighing down your suitcase. We’ve found eight can’t-travel-without gadgets you never knew existed (until now), and best of all, they’re all pocket-sized.

VoltReady Dual Output Portable Battery

Charge your iPhone 6 and your Kindle at the same time, using the same device? We never thought it was possible until we saw the VoltReady, a magical device that has built-in Apple Lightning and Micro USB cables. It’s credit card-sized and can fit in your wallet, while still packing enough power to give your phone about 1.5 full charges.

Chamberlain Jump-Starter

Nothing ruins a road trip faster than a dead battery, which is why the Chamberlain Portable Jump Starter is an essential for your car (or rental). This little battery weighs less than 2 lbs., yet can jump-start your car up to 20 times on a single charge.

WakaWaka Power+ Solar Charger

If you’ve got the sun and the WakaWaka Power+ then you’ve got power. This solar charger can give your phone a full charge or up to 150 hours of light (on the flashlight setting). It’s about the same size as your smartphone. And you can feel good about this purchase—for every WakaWaka sold, a solar light will be given to someone living without electricity.

Kenu Stance

Tired of shaky smartphone videos or photos? The Kenu Stance, available for iPhones and Android or Windows, fixes your problem (and photos). It’s a tripod that mounts right into your phone’s charging point—and it only weighs 1.2 ounces and folds down smaller than a pack of gum.

Victorinox Jetsetter 3-Pocket Knife

Finally, a TSA-friendly multi-use tool that you can actually take on airplanes. The Victorinox Jetsetter packs tweezers, toothpick, scissors, key ring, screwdriver tip, bottle opener, and wire stripper into one tiny tool.

Shavetech USB Rechargeable Travel Razor

Is your electric razor taking up too much space in your toiletries bag? Get the Shavetech Travel Razor, which is smaller than your phone, and can be charged through its built-in USB connector—no annoying cords or bulky batteries required.

Ivation Super Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Ivation is by far the smallest wireless speaker we’ve ever seen. It’s about the same width as a quarter, and only weighs 1.51 ounces. Charge its battery via the built in USB connection and you’ll get around four to six hours of use out of it.


If you’re headed out on a road trip, the BlueDriver diagnostic scan tool could save your vacation if your car quits on you. This tiny tool works with your smartphone and lets you diagnose problems with your car (wireless, and no mechanic required). You can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes all on your own via Bluetooth, which will save you time and money for minor problems.


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