Friday 3 July 2020
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Polish tourists drop into Laos

POLISHMr Chaleun Valinthalasack, 3rd from right, receives Mr Lopacinski and his family (Vientiane, 14 May 2015).





(KPL) Polish visitor ‘Wojciech Lopacinski,’ who is on an over-50-country tour programme, made a drop into Laos due to its admirable culture and traditional civilization.

Mr Lopacinski, accompanied by his family, arrived Vientiane Capital this week for a three-day stay (13-15 May) making the Lao PDR one of the last twenty countries he needed to travel to complete his around-the-world trip.

Mr Wojciech Lopacinski, along with his spouse, son and daughter were warmly welcomed in Vientiane by Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Mr Chaleun Valinthalasack yesterday, 14 May.

Mr Lopacinski said that one of the reasons behind his decision to include Laos in his trip is the abundance of tourist attractions in the country.

At the talk, Mr Chaleun praised the Lopacinski family on their visit to the Lao PDR which will help promote the tourism sector in the country as well as tourism between the Lao DPR and Poland in the future.

The host expressed his hope that the Lopacinski family will help disseminate information about the beautiful tourist attractions of Laos when they return to their homeland and that more Polish tourists will visit the Lao PDR in the future.

Mr Lopacinski expressed his gratitude to Deputy Minister Chaleun for the warm hospitality extended to him and his family. He assured the host that he would do his best to help promote tourism in the Lao PDR in his home country of Poland as well as in other countries via various media outlets including broadcasting, print and social media such as the well-known National Geographic Traveler.


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