Thursday 2 July 2020
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Malaysian Official: More Debris Has Been Found

While French prosecutors and investigators have remained cautious about definitively identifying a piece of debris as being from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, Malaysian officials continue to believe that the mystery has been definitively solved.

Malaysia’s transport minister today said more debris had been found by his team on the ground at Reunion Island, including an airplane window and some aluminium foil.

However, Kiow Tiong Lai stopped short of saying the items were from MH370, adding that “I can only ascertain that it’s plane debris.”

Malaysia prime minister Najib Razak said on Wednesday that an “an international team of experts have conclusively confirmed that the aircraft debris found on Reunion (Island) is indeed from MH370. Malaysia Airlines would like to sincerely convey our deepest sorrow to the families and friends of the passengers onboard Flight MH370.”

However, at a press conference in Paris, a French prosecutor declined to use the word “confirmed,” saying that a full analysis still needed to be completed.

MH370 took off March 8, 2014 from Kuala Lumpur headed for Beijing. It made an abrupt U-turn an hour into the flight, lost contact with air traffic controllers, and disappeared.

Most experts believe it crashed into the Indian Ocean.

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