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Group Travel packages to Indochina by Luxury Travel Vietnam

Travel packages to Indochina suits group travelers by Luxury Travel Vietnam

Luxury Travel Vietnam is a dedicated Vietnam based and operated Travel Agency with representatives offices in Danang in central Vietnam, Nha Trang and in Ho Chi Minh City in the Southern Vietnam in order to take care of every request from the moment you request to the moment that your groups arriving in Vietnam. We know what is best for our group travelers, what is key and what lock are and that’s the way for our success since we started to work in this business.

luxury travel vietnam

Are you a group of like-minded friends that have been traveling, cruising, camping and trekking or discovering places around the world all together? Are you thinking about exotic destinations to travel in 2015? Look no further, Vietnam, Laos, Kingdome of Cambodia, Myanmar and the land of smiles, Thailand can be a target for this year. But, planning, emphasizing and discovering Indochina can be tough specially if you the first time visitors.

Vietnam and Indochina Group Trips

Group travelers find it easy to discover Vietnam and Indochina as the Luxury Travel Vietnam can organize a group travel packages with a very affordable and reasonable price, our trips are all handpicked with our group’s needs and wishes in mind. We have our own coaches with very experienced guides that can speak under the wet cements to get you acquainted with the history, cultures and the daily life of people in Vietnam.

group travel packages by luxury travel vietnam

Planning a group trips to Indochina, What to consider?

Our trips are 100% flexible, we do not follow what other tour agents do, we have our line and this enable Luxury Travel Vietnam to become an award winning tour operator. For planning your group travel packages to Vietnam we ensure you that we put all together as we know not one sights fits all the participants in the group, in this case we listen to our clients to know what they want most. Everyone has their own interests, and with literally hundreds if not thousands of natural, historic and wonders and attractions, museums, and cultural activities, this is what Luxury Travel all about, we cover most of the tourist attractions to meet all the requirements of each participants and finally can welcome your group travel to Vietnam and Indochina.

How Luxury Travel Vietnam Plan your group trip to Vietnam?

Finding a good tour operator or an agency that is expert to help you on making your group travel packages book and plan can be difficult. Why? Simply as you need to contact a reputable tour operator who has a very reliable contacts and connections through the Indochina to help you plan and organize the best attractions to visit while in the region, and more than that to offer you a good deal for your coming group trips to Vietnam and Indochina.

12 Days group travel packages to Vietnam

This 12 Day group travel packages is very well planned and included visiting: Hanoi – Halong Bay – Hue – Hoi An – Saigon and the Delta of Mekong

Highlights of what your group visits
•    Hanoi,  3 nights
•    Halong cruise 1 night onboard
•    Hue, 1 night
•    Hoi Anh, 2 nights
•    Greater Saigon, 3 nights
•    Can tho, Mekong Delta, 1 night

View the complete day to day 12 Days group travel packages

Luxury Travel vietnam

16 Days group trips through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

The 16 days group trips visiting Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia starts by arrival in Hanoi, the legendary capital of Vietnam following the cuisine, culture and World heritages discovery, a groundbreaking journey featuring superb food and cultural immersion by Luxury Travel Vietnam.

Highlights of the trips
•    Hanoi,  Vietnam 4 nights
•    Vientiane, Laos 2 nights
•    Luang Prabang, Vietnam 2 nights
•    Siem reap, Cambodia, 2 nights
•    Phnom Penh, 2 nights
•    Saigon, Vietnam, 3 nights

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Luxury travel vietnam

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