Wednesday 24 April 2019
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Connect Children To Wildlife

Help us raise $2,000 to send 75 children on an exciting field trip to learn about wildlife at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC). Our wildlife education program inspires in youth a conservation ethic, facilitates continued environmental education and empowers students to become environmental stewards in their communities. We know classroom lessons aren’t enough, and in order to foster compassion for animals there needs to be a real connection. The Kouprey Express does just that – through our immersive field trip experience, children see firsthand the consequences of wildlife and habitat destruction and learn the importance of preserving their natural heritage.

Home to 1,200 animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade, Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center is a focal point in educating youth about wildlife. Through interactive lessons and interactions with animals, students are able to build authentic connections with wildlife and develop positive impressions about the natural world.

While field trips have been shown to improve critical thinking, increase engagement and enhance classroom studies, the families we serve are too poor to afford these kinds of opportunities for their children. Wildlife Alliance provides these underprivileged students with a unique three-day, two-night field trip, where they learn about the diets, habits, and habitat requirements of each species, as well as the threats to their long-term survival.

This immersive experience goes beyond facts and numbers from a textbook; it is through meeting rescued animals at the Center and hearing their stories of hardship and recovery that these children are inspired to be stewards. School teachers and partner organizations that have participated in these field trips report that even years later, students continue to discuss their experiences at PTWRC, and share the lessons they learned with their communities.

Through engaging activities and close-up encounters, we are not only fostering connections with animals and teaching children the value of the natural world but we are also motivating them to take action for wildlife protection.

By Connecting Children to Wildlife we are raising a new generation of conservation leaders. $2,000 provides 75 children with travel to and accommodation at PTWRC, wildlife themed t-shirts and stickers with our 24-hour wildlife rescue hotline number. Donate today, and help us raise $2,000 to inspire the next generation of conservationists to save Cambodia’s wildlife!

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